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The not so writing life November 4, 2011

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I love to write.  I have written several books.  But I lack motivation.  I have not shopped my stories around.  Now they seem trite and not very good because I last looked at them when I was about 25 or so.  Now that I am 37, I am making another stab at it.  Of course, the daily obstacles to writing are much bigger.  There are facebook accounts to check, work to do so not only I, but my family can eat, facebook to check, dinner to make, facebook.  You get the idea. 

Happily, I have an idea for a new story with some new characters.  If they get out of my head and onto paper, I will gladly share them with the world.  It’s time for this little girl to grow up and find herself a job, not just and income. 

As I hate “New Year’s resolutions,” I will make a general resolution to write daily.  Even if I only get a few words down onto the page, I will do it.  Even if it means just five minutes before passing out in bed, I will get a sentence or two written.  I am counting on the blogosphere to keep me on my game here.  Check in and ask if I have done any story writing lately.  You might want to find me on facebook though.  It’s where I am most often. 

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2 Responses to “The not so writing life”

  1. best bet: write at the same place, same time, every day. In a year, you will have a first draft, but make a plan
    Hikers plan. Builders plan. Sailors plan. Airline pilots plan. Runners know the route.
    A novelist needs a plan.

    • I love plans. I am easily sidetracked from them at the first hint of something going wrong with the plan. It is something I am working on. Currently, the plan is to write before bed after my son goes to bed. But I am determined to make this work. Even if I have to alter the plan…

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