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This and That June 8, 2012

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It has been a heck of a couple of weeks. Mr. Man’s mental health has been steadily declining. If you follow my facebook page, you know this is probably due to his bad and prolonged case of “the runs.” If his pills don’t stay in him long enough to be processed, he has little hope of maintaining any level of sanity. I finally got him to see his primary care doctor. He is having labwork done and a follow-up appointment. I hope this goes away soon. He is in a lot of discomfort, can’t go far from home and te safety of our bathroom, and is losing his marbles down the toilet.

Crazy Boy probably has strep throat and I feel like I am getting it too. He sees his new pediatrician in the morning. I switched because his old one didn’t take our insurance. I hope the new doctor is good. I also need a new doctor for the same reason. So I may have to go to the emergency room for this as I have no primary care doctor and there are no longer any walk-in clinics in my area. Hooray! Not…

My Bible reading is sporadic. I am in Psalms. I am uninspired. I am not surrounded by enemies as David was. I am surrounded by sickness. I would really like God to grant my family health. This constant illness is wearing on me.


One Response to “This and That”

  1. Timbo Says:

    Ah, the pitfalls of not checking in here for months… We love and care about all three of you, Meghan. You all were in our prayers during those months in early summer…

    As I said in my comment on the Job post, I always have a hard time connecting with Biblical poetry… but I greatly enjoyed C S Lewis’ Reflections on Psalms. You might want to check it out.

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