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Coming Back September 24, 2014

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So many thoughts. Some are deep. Some aren’t. So I’ll start with the overarching struggle of the past couple of years – Depression with a Capital “D.” I didn’t even realize how bad I had it until I started to come out of it late last spring. Perhaps if I had realized, I’d have sought professional help. Perhaps not. I’m sure there are a number of contributing factors. And it’s not totally over, but things are much better inside of my head now.

Now that my brain is functioning with more clarity, I have some projects that are finally getting off the ground. My soap looks like it may start selling. Hooray! I’m so glad I said “Hi!” to Teri in the grocery store. She ordered some for her farm stand. (Why wouldn’t I say hi? Because of the Big Depression and Hormones making me miserable that day. But she’s wicked nice, so even if she didn’t want soap, it would have been good talking to her.)

I crochet. I would like to sell that stuff too. I am struggling with pricing. It’s nearly impossible to make minimum wage on crocheted items. Most people don’t want to pay you for your time. Perceptions are difficult to overcome in this arena. So, do I sell it just because maybe I can get back my yarn costs plus a little? Do I insist on getting an hourly wage? ($120 baby blanket anyone?) So, I guess the bottom line is that I will be at a few Christmas craft fairs and see how it goes.

Alex is 6 and in 1st Grade this year. I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to home-school him since before enrolling him in Kindergarten. It’s a big undertaking and I just don’t know what will be best for him. Hmm.

On the to-do list is an overhaul of my Etsy site, but if you’re interested, go check it out at

Also on the to-do list is to write more.  So, perhaps it won’t be two more years until there is new content here.



3 Responses to “Coming Back”

  1. Tim Says:

    Although I had regularly visited a councilor and taken health supplements for years, my depression got bad enough last winter that Jill made me talk to my doctor last winter and I started on antidepressants. The result was like having my eyes opened: “Oh, do you mean basic life functioning isn’t supposed to be an overwhelming burden???”

    I’m glad you started this again, Meghan!

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