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Alex Needs Shoes – Again… September 25, 2016

Filed under: Family — Meghan Hamilton @ 1:47 am

His new shoes that happen to match his Halloween costume that he refuses to take off.


I finally feel like I’m getting back on my feet after a long illness. Today I took Alex Pokémon hunting around town. I was able to get out of the car and walk around Main Street for a ways. I felt tired and sore when we were done, so I came home to put my leg up for the rest of the evening.

Then Alex announced that he had worn through the soles of his sneakers. His other shoe choice was a pair of too small flip flops.

Off we went to the mall after dinner. Feeling tired from before, I parked near the store I wanted to try first. No luck. So we walked all the way to the other end. We entered the sports store. Expensive yes, but we were stuck and Alex has foot issues, so we pay for good sneakers.

Craig kept trying to direct Alex to the plain black models. Alex loves colorful things. I kept reminding Craig of this. The store was sold out of his size in his first choice, yellow and green. So we ended up with yellow, green, blue, and pink (orange if you ask me) sneakers that made him very happy.

I was exhausted by this point. I considered asking Craig to bring the car around. But then toughed it out and walked back. I’m more tired. I’m more sore. However I’m happy Alex has new sneakers. Hopefully this will address the foot pain he’s been experiencing lately.


A bit blurry, but Alex aka Pikachu asked to ride the carousel.


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