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Taking the Bad With the Good November 14, 2016

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You may have heard that the U.S.A. has a new President Elect. What shocks me the most about this election isn’t that he won, but that many of the people who voted for him are shocked by the behavior they are seeing in the wake of the election. There have been numerous reports of vandalism, assault, and other threatening behavior towards people who are not white males. They invariably say something to the effect of, “Trump is our new president. It’s my right!”

“But I’m not racist!” say the very people who voted this man into office.

But you voted for this man. You voted for the person who has been turning people in this country against one another. I know you weren’t thrilled with the alternative. I know you wanted to go against “The Establishment.” But when you vote for a man who thinks it’s great to grab women by the pussy because he’s famous and the same man fails to apologize for that statement, you vote for a misogynist. When you vote for a man who claims that Mexicans are coming to our country to rape our women, you vote for a racist. When you vote for a man who chooses an outspoken anti-LGBTQ government official to be his Vice President, you vote for a man who doesn’t care to recognize the human rights of your neighbors and possibly your own family members.

You have to take the bad with the good and own up to voting for this man. Given how horribly he has spoken about approximately¬†half of our population simply by speaking ill of women, I highly doubt he has any genuine concern for the shrinking middle class or the growing lower class. He is likely more concerned about growing his own bank accounts and his continuing ability to avoid paying taxes. That cabinet he’s putting together? It’s made up of staunch members of The Establishment, some of whom come highly praised by the KKK.

Congratulations, Trump supporters! You got yourself an evil tyrant.


When Death Shakes Your Own Soul November 9, 2016

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Yesterday Craig and I attended the funeral of a 48 year old man. We weren’t super close to him, but he made a significant impact on Craig and we are both better people for having known his kindness.

Despite not knowing him well, his death has hit me hard. You see, he struggled with his mental health. On several occasions, his wife and I would have impromptu group therapy sessions in the grocery store or wherever we happened to run into each other, because being married to someone with a mental illness is hard. Though they had different diagnoses, it was similar enough to feel safe talking about it with each other.

So as I thought about this particular death, I knew it could just as easily have been Craig’s funeral. The thing that people don’t like to acknowledge out loud in front of other people is that mental illness can be a terminal illness. Whether a person takes their own life because the pain inside has become overwhelming, or they do something utterly stupid in the throes of a delusion, death is not uncommon. It can feel like it is waiting at the periphery of our lives on a daily basis, looking for an opportunity to snatch away our loved ones.

Those of us married to people like Craig find ourselves wondering if treatment will be accepted. Then we wonder if it will be effective. It’s not always effective. The man who was buried yesterday fought valiantly for his sanity. He loved his family deeply. I doubt he wanted to hurt them with his exit from this life. When my friend was presented with the flags involved in the military ceremony, I heard her weep. My heart wept with her. I can only imagine her pain right now. I hope to never feel it for myself. But I’m not counting on it.

Craig fights every day. Still, there are days that I wonder if he’ll arrive home safely after he goes out. There are days I wonder if I’ll arrive home to him still in one piece and the house safe from a kitchen fire. There have even been days that I wished it would be over so that I could stop wondering. Those are the most terrifying days and the ones no one wants to acknowledge.

Today I still have my husband. Today I will tell him I love him because I don’t know if I’ll get the chance to tell him tomorrow.

*Note: I don’t wish to ignore or minimize the impact of mental illness on the lives of other family members. But my experience is that of a spouse, so that is my focus today.*