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Small Town Life – Escaped Horse December 8, 2015

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On Sunday I got a call from a friend. She and her family were about an hour outside of town and they had received a call from the police. One of their horses had escaped. The police had the horse safely tied in the area, but they were having difficulty getting by the dogs. So could I drive over and help get the horse back onto their property?

I immediately headed over. Upon arrival, a policeman and the animal control officer were standing in the driveway, the horse on a stick lead dancing around, dogs barking at the two strangers in their yard, and the animal control officer trying to not get stepped on by the horse. He is a miniature horse, but you still don’t want to get stepped on or kicked.

The dogs noticed me and formed a wall between myself and the two strangers on their property. I reassured them that it was OKĀ and we got the horse back into the paddock. Apparently he was upset that the family had taken a couple of the other horses out for the day and left him behind. He managed to open the gate and go looking for them.

Given that the horse wasn’t run over, the dogs didn’t bite anyone, and all ended well, it was pretty comical. That got me thinking. It was probably the most exciting thing that happened to any of us that day. For that, I am grateful. We live in a world where some people are eager to hurt others. My area isn’t immune to such things. But that day, I was safe. My biggest worry was getting a friend’s horse back where he belonged.